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Your Guide to Picking the Best Signage to Attract Customers

One of Cincinnati’s most unique museums, the American Sign Museum features a variety of iconic signs dating back over 100 years. The self-guided tour showcases the evolution of signage from wood and metal to light bulbs and neon.

A powerful display of your business’ presence, outdoor signage communicates your brand and draws in passing motorists. Find the right signage to reach potential customers from all directions.

Often called highway signs or pole signs, these freestanding signboards attract attention from passersby with their height. They’re great for showcasing businesses in crowded shopping areas, and can be as tall as good taste (and local signage height restrictions) permit.

Pylon signs are also a popular choice for gasoline stations and restaurants along busy roads and highways, and they’re well suited to malls and other commercial locations that need to stand out from the crowd. Our custom-built pylon signs can be as tall as 100 feet, and many feature lights that help them shine through the night.

The classic single-pole mount is a favorite for pylon signs that elevate one business’s identity over obstructions, but shopping centers can choose twin-pole structures that offer more stability and a unique look. We can even add pole covers in a variety of shapes to enhance the sign’s design.

Often used by residential neighborhoods, shopping centers and industrial parks, monument signs offer a high-profile gateway to locations and buildings. These free-standing signs can be made from a variety of materials including stone, brick, concrete or structural foam and include changeable track letter systems and lighted displays.

Whether outdoors helping to draw drivers to a storefront or indoors directing shoppers to products and services, signs play an integral role in businesses of every size. Cincinnati Sign Company’s outdoor sign experts  can help you create signs and graphics that inform, promote, direct and sell.

Located near the base of the I-471 Big Mack Bridge, this large format outdoor sign reaches Northern Kentucky motorists. It’s visible from traffic coming into Cincinnati and heading across the river to downtown.

Lighted signs are one of the most eye-catching signage options available. They can draw drivers into your storefront, announce special deals, and spread brand awareness. They’re also easy to spot on the road, especially in dim lighting.

Today, most internally illuminated signs use LED lighting rather than neon. This makes them more cost effective and durable. LED lighting also produces a more consistent, more eye-catching glow than traditional neon.

The American Sign Museum is a must-see for anyone interested in learning more about the history of sign-making. Founder Tod Swormstedt’s massive collection includes pre-electric neon and porcelain signs. He’s also incorporated blueprints, books, catalogs, tools, and other sign-related objects throughout the museum.

A digital sign is the perfect way to convey your message to customers in real-time. It’s versatile, cost-effective and indispensable for many types of marketing strategies.

Known as electronic message centers, digital signs or electronic display boards, these LED displays showcase text and simple graphics and animations. Often, they also feature videos and photos.

You can choose from monochrome LED signs that communicate using a single color or tri-color LED signs that use green, red and yellow. Both offer the flexibility to change up your messages as frequently as you like.

A full-color digital sign is a great option for businesses that need to grab attention with bright, reliable messaging. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from back lit logo sign cabinets to lighted, contoured, all-weather LED display systems.

The Cincinnati economy is booming, and this Midwest city known for Skyline Chili and the Reds wants its companies to stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re running a corporate campus or a local deli, deploying eye-catching branding and product messaging on large-scale displays is key to getting noticed.

Whether you’re using wall murals to communicate your brand story, directing traffic around a complex, displaying informational graphics in restrictive environments or communicating your message at events, we have the printing technology to create high-resolution signage that fits any setting. You can also select from a variety of substrate materials, illumination options and other customization choices that fit your unique needs. Our Foamcore (or foam board) signs are particularly versatile and cost-minded. They’re extremely lightweight and easily handled, yet rigid enough to be mounted.